Hello, Roanoke Chefs,

     Make your plates pop with Chestnut Grove Farm Produce. 

     If you are interested in specialty produce that you can't get locally, or can't get at all, please let me know.  I love trying new crops. We are always experimenting. Would you like sorrel? Salsify? Cardoon? Purple tomatillos? We can grow that. Would you like locally grown ginger? Turmeric? Microgreens? We have trials in the works. Edible flowers are one of our specialties. Do you have a favorite variety that you can't get elsewhere? Let me know and I will run a trial at no risk to you.


     We love growing for people who appreciate fresh, healthy, delicious, beautiful food. If you would like to see what we have available, contact me on the e-mail below, and I will add you to our availability list. If you have questions about how we grow, don't hesitate to ask.



Address: 9897 Greenhouse Road Bent Mountain, VA 24059

Email: beshelly60@gmail.com

Phone: 1.540.929.8018

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