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I've been growing things ever since I can remember. As a child, I helped my mother in the vegetable garden, planting oak leaf lettuce, harvesting raspberries, and mulching tomatoes. My 7th grade science fair project, was an experiment to determine the best light, water, and soil depth to grow radishes. (Honorable Mention!) In our first little apartment, I even snuck some pansies into the foundation plantings. 


When Jim found a small, organic farm in Bent Mountain, I was thrilled. There are 3 glass greenhouses that were built in the 1950s to grow carnations. We now use them to grow produce year round.

In September of 2018, the building in which we processed our vegetables caught fire. The building, including the apartment we lived in, was a total loss. As of this time, we do not know what our next step will be.



Fresh, delicious food, beautifully presented, and shared with friends nourishes the body, and feeds the spirit.


The longer the time between harvest and the meal, the more nutrients are lost.  The sooner the produce is eaten, the more nutritious (and delicious) it is.


Supporting local businesses support the entire community.


You can maximize your health by eating nutrient dense food and living actively.  Medicine can only fight disease, not add health.




What we Believe 

Organic ?

  • Although we are not certified organic, we tend to use organic products and methods.

  • We chose not to pursue organic certification because we would never be able to recoup the expense.

  • Organic methods matter. People who eat organically grown foods have measurably lower levels of pesticides in their bodies.

  • If you have any questions about what we use on our delicious vegetables, ask us!


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